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TOHU Internet Exchange

介绍 | Introduction

一个IPV6 IX,主要作为一个中立的BGP实验交流和学习的平台

我们支持MTU9000的巨型帧(仅IX VM)
The IPv6 IX is mainly used as a experimental BGP communication and learning platform
The Internet Exchange Point only supports IPv6.
We support jumbo frames on a MTU of 9000 (IX VM ONLY)

接入 | Join

我们开放KVM接入,请获取至少四位IX成员的同意以获得VM|您必须在获取到KVM七天内接入IX Route Server并发送路由,否则TOHU IX有权回收IX VM

We welcome anyone/entity to join, but since TOHU IX is not a commercial project, we cannot provide you with an SLA guarantee.
We provide KVM access, Please obtain the consent of at least four IX members to obtain the VM|You must peer with the IX Route Server and send your routes within seven days of obtaining the KVM, otherwise TOHU IX has the right to delete the IX VM
We support physical cable (RJ45/Optical Fiber) access. The cost of optical cable construction is funded by you however 1G (RJ45/optical fiber) ports can be provided free of charge.
We support GRETAP\SOFTETHER\ZEROTIER\VXLAN\OPENVPN access, please contact us.
As long as you abide by the laws of mainland China, we allow access from any region.
The RS limits that each participant can send 100 routes by default. This limit can increase with the size of the participant's network. If you fry the full table, the connection will be forcibly disconnected.
Please update your records in PeeringDB to denote your service with us

位置 | Locations

参与者 | Members

参与者 ASN 加入时间 方式 状态
Ningbo Dahuamao Information Technology Co Ltd 139317 2020-06-19 KVM 已连接
TOHU Public Internet 140731 2020-06-19 KVM 已连接
MoeQing Network Service 138211 2020-06-20 KVM 连接中
GTDev Network 139589 2020-06-22 KVM 已连接
Haima Global Network 139328 2020-06-22 KVM 连接中
Strategic Explorations 207268 2020-08-03 KVM 已连接
Moe Overflow Electric Limited 213262 2020-08-05 KVM 已连接
Qinlong networks 38173 2020-08-06 KVM 已连接
Nato Research Ltd. 396303 2020-08-06 KVM 连接中
mnihyc Network Global 140938 2020-08-08 KVM 连接中
iLemonrain Network 134993 2020-08-08 KVM 已连接
Shira Limited 209724 2020-08-08 KVM 连接中
DNS-OARC 112 2020-08-09 KVM 已连接
Evsio0n Network Inc. 139833 2020-08-10 KVM 连接中
Soha Jin 209306 2020-08-11 KVM 已连接
Fish Network 209218 2020-08-26 KVM 已连接
GEEK NETWORKS 212705 2020-09-18 KVM 连接中
TSUNGYi YU 209557 2020-09-18 KVM 连接中
CatIO Network 137256 2020-09-19 KVM 已连接
ACANDWITF 139058 2020-09-20 VXLAN 已连接
Baizhi's Experimental Network 139641 2020-09-20 KVM 连接中
BBCloudGLOBALSERVICES 209100 2020-10-09 KVM 连接中
Xiwei Ye 212793 2020-10-10 Softether 已连接
Youssef Hamed 207740 2020-11-04 KVM 连接中
FUBUKI Network 212425 2020-11-11 KVM 已连接
MAEL GRAMAIN 213253 2020-11-14 KVM 连接中
MercyCloud Network 9886 2020-11-21 KVM 连接中
Navice Consulting 137490 2020-11-22 KVM 连接中
CANADA S.A.R.F. 207654 2020-11-29 KVM 已连接
Phoenix Network 212237 2020-12-06 Zerotier 已连接
Krish Revo 38041 2020-12-27 KVM 已连接
Yang Fang Networks 48301 2020-12-08 KVM 已连接
NyaNetwork 208191 2020-12-13 KVM 已连接
Alex Delporte 213045 2020-12-28 VXLAN 已连接
Nobins Pvt Ltd 212268 2020-12-31 Zerotier 连接中
10VPN Research Network LTD 49134 2021-01-18 KVM 连接中
Hanqi Yang 208266 2021-01-23 KVM 连接中
LSC.MOE 139248 2021-01-25 Softether 连接中
James Ledger Network 136918 2021-01-25 KVM 连接中
Johannes Ernst 212895 2021-02-18 GRETAP 连接中
Julien Sansonnens 207149 2021-02-18 GRETAP 已连接
Moecast Network 141237 2021-02-23 VXLAN 连接中
Shark Network 57330 2021-02-23 ZEROTIER 已连接
Kalpak Mukhopadhyay 213326 2021-03-18 KVM 连接中
RouteIX Networks Ltd 211954 2021-04-05 ZEROTIER 已连接
Wenpeng Lu 208884 2021-04-05 ZEROTIER 已连接

配置方式 | How to Configure

联系 | Contact

请发邮件到 TheBaiRuo#gmail#com。

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