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A virtual IX, mainly as a non-commercial, neutral BGP experimental communication and learning platform, and compared with the existing overseas virtual IX, can allow domestic small partners to get less interconnection delay.
This Exchange Center only supports IPv6 (you can propose to connect with our IPV4, but you will find no IPV4 traffic on this side)

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IX本身不存在IP Transit。阁下可以在IX里面自行寻找参与者索要IP Transit。隔壁Netassiet免费提供BGP Tunnel
RS限定每个参与者可以发送20条路由。这个限制可以随着参与者的网络规模提升。如果阁下炸全表,连接会被重置。不要求强制PEER RS服务器

To avoid any misunderstanding among large enterprises, it is an experimental project, like EVIX, mainly for domestic BGP enthusiasts.
Of course, we welcome anyone/entity to join us as long as you do not dislike it.
If tunnel access is used, it is different from traditional IXP in that it needs to go through the operator and the rate is limited by bandwidth of both sides.
We do our best to provide bandwidth support.
We currently do not open VPS access.I'm too poor.
We open the tunnel access.The currently supported access method is ZeroTier.
Cross-border tunnel access is not accepted.
IX itself does not have an IP Transit.You can find your own participants in IX to request IP Transit.Next door Netassiet offers BGP Tunnel for free
RS limits each participant to 20 routes.This limit can increase with the size of the participant's network.If you fry the whole table, the connection will be reset.
No need to force PEER RS server
You can also choose to directly peer-to-peer with others through a clearing house

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参与者 | Members

参与者 ASN 加入时间 状态
LSC.MOE 139248 2020-06-19 已连接
GTDEV 139589 2020-06-22 已连接
ZXINC 139317 2020-06-19 已连接
MOEQING 138211 2020-06-20 已连接
Haima Global Network 139328 2020-06-22 已连接

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